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Welcome to the inaugural newsletter from Credible Source Solutions which will keep you updated on the latest in customer service, employee engagement and workplace positivity.

Customer Service Training

One of the things I like most about my work is getting in front of people to teach them about the value of employee recognition, best practice customer service and developing a workplace where people WANT to come to work.

Earlier this week I was with staff from Computer Alliance and Alliance Business Technologies, delivering training on customer service excellence. It also involved a surprise presentation of WOW! Awards. Click on the links to find out more about the day.

The WOW! Awards Gala 2023

I have proudly represented The WOW! Awards since 2018. The WOW! Awards are about catching people "doing the right thing" and making sure it doesn't go unnoticed.

The WOW! Awards culminate each year with a Gala event where the best of the best are recognised for their outstanding work.
This year, I am thrilled that one of the recipients is a local. Christine Spilsbury (pictured) from Caloundra RSL received the Internal Service Star Award. This award is given to individuals based on nominations from their peers, and who are exceptional in supporting colleagues across teams and functions to deliver excellence. Congratulations Christine!

Well done to everyone who received awards at the Gala and throughout the year.

If you would like to know more about The WOW! Awards contact Credible Source Solutions.

Employee Engagement

Imagine working somewhere for six years only to get to your last day to find no acknowledgement that you are leaving. Not even a farewell card, because you're the one who always organised the farewells for others!

This story caught my eye recently about how not to do employee engagement. If Woolworths needs tips on workplace culture, I'm only too happy to help.

What customers need

One of my favourite customer service experts, Shep Hyken, wrote this recent piece in his newsletter, The Shepard Letter about what he calls the customer hierarchy of needs (and how to check your business is meeting them).

It's a great reminder to focus on customer experience and how meeting their needs creates customer loyalty.

Credible Source Connections

The Carers’ Foundation will be holding its Celebrate Carers lunch on 7 December at OceanViewEstates, Mt Mee. it's a Christmas lunch to celebrate Carers, to thank them for their tireless and invaluable work. Tickets are free for Carers.

At this year's lunch, in association with Mike Arieni from Solar Bollard Lighting, the Carers' Foundation has launched the 'Josh Arieni Award' to acknowledge unpaid carers and to say an extra thank you to a carer who has overcome significant challenges while caring for their loved one.

Josh Arieni, Mike's son was an amazing kind young man who cared for his Grandmother, which enabled her to live in her home with dignity and to have quality of life. Sadly, Josh was taken from his family way too early when he died in a tragic car accident. This Award is to allow the memory of Josh to live on in the hearts of everyone and to say 'thank you' and recognise the unsung heroes, our unpaid carers.

If you would like to donate to the the Carers Foundation to help them continue their crucial work, you can do so at https://www.thecarersfoundation.org/donate/
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