A message from Caroline Lovett

This year at Credible Source Solutions we have a big, hairy audacious goal - to bring together two amazing and inspirational speakers and build an international workshop for businesses to help create a cycle of employee and customer service success.

Dave Carroll (of United Break Guitars fame - click on the link to his website if you're not familiar with the story) is not only a musician but also a master storyteller. His workshops teach the art of storytelling, featuring his own story, in which he experienced his creative response to a mismanaged complaint be embraced by social media and go viral.

Derek Williams, Founder of The WOW! Awards, is a passionate advocate for employee recognition and the crucial role it plays in businesses today in encouraging employees to keep on delivering outstanding customer service. The WOW! Awards is about "catching people doing things right!" and is a proven method to engage with both customers and employees.
Stay tuned for updates on these workshops. We have other sessions we want to add, including best practice complaint handling, especially for customer-facing employees who are dealing with increasingly aggressive and threatening customers in the changed world we now find ourselves in.

Let us know what else you would like a customer service, storytelling, employee engagement and recognition workshop to cover to help your employees. We are all ears!

Learn how to prevent customer complaints

The best strategy for complaints management is prevention! These two articles by customer service expert Shep Hyken look at what's new in customer service in 2024, encouraging us to do more in 24. Applying his advice in your workplace could prevent mistakes from happening in the first place.

The second article has some customer service predictions and trends for 2024. Customers are getting smarter and are expecting more from businesses. Luckily, Shep outlines some solutions for how you can meet these growing expectations.

Does your team know how to deal with complaints?

When it comes to complaint handling, training your team to deal with customers' concerns thoroughly and professionally is essential, as is having a clear, well-devised complaints policy.

Mistakes happen; it's how you fix it that counts.

Credible Source Solutions can tailor customer service training to help prevent customer complaints and how to effectively handle a complaint should it happen.

SOCAP Australia has lots of valuable information on customer service available for free on its website. It also offers training courses in different aspects of customer service, including a Complaints Professional Certification program - SCROL (SOCAP Complaints Resolution Online Learning). Information on upcoming events can be found on their 2024 training calendar.

If your team is working in an environment where aggression and conflict are more likely, specialised training is recommended. Tactical Communications offers training in situational awareness, de-escalation and conflict management. A must for employee safety.

Credible Source Connections

One of Credible Source Solutions' clients, YTB Plumbers, received an Encouragement award at the annual Gold Coast Business Awards Gala in December. Congratulations to Peter and the whole team. You can watch the presentation here.

The NOW Business Network Group, which gives to the community first and does business second, commence their monthly meetings again in February. The events team are currently organising their fundraising events for 2024. If you would like to attend one of our meetings, click here.

Maiala Lodge is an award-winning luxury retreat in Mt Glorious. Recently they have expanded their facilities to offer a conference venue. Perfect for seminars, training sessions or workshops with the bonus of being set in the stunning surroundings of the Brisbane Hinterland.
In December we saw the successful soft launch of the Josh Arieni Unsung Hero Award to celebrate the amazing and unconditional work unpaid carers do for their loved ones. The Josh Arieni Unsung Hero Award is supported by Mike Arieni, Solar Bollard Lighting and family in memory of Mike's son, Josh. The inaugural Awards identified three Unsung Heroes for 2023 who will each receive a gift of $1,300 to have a much-needed few days away or capture lasting memories with their loved ones.
Save the Date!

The Carers' Foundation's second annual Unsung Heroes Gala will be held on 5 October 2024. This fundraising event aims to raise money for a specific goal - to create Australia's only purpose-built Education and Support Centre for unpaid family carers. The Centre will provide 24/7 counselling support to carers, host Carer Wellbeing programs and provide access to services that will help carers manage their physical and mental health.
Last year, through this one event alone, they raised more than $350,000. This year they want to do even better! Stay updated on Carers Foundation events on Facebook.
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